Why AirBnB is the perfect fit for kids and their parents


The next time you’re out with your kids and decide to take a walk, make sure you’re wearing something to help keep your kids entertained.

AirBnb has been around for a while now, but the company is looking to expand its reach even further with its newest addition: a small airplane parachute.

The company just announced that it’s offering a “mini-suicide” parachute, which it says can be used in tandem with a regular parachute to jump off the back of an airplane, leaving behind a parachute net and your kids.

The parachute net, called the “suicide net,” is designed to prevent children from falling into the ocean while the parachute net is attached to the plane.

It can also be used for jumping from an airplane to land on a roof, where kids can be carried to safety.

The idea is that if the children don’t have the parachute to use, the parachute nets will be attached to a vehicle, and they can jump out of the vehicle as soon as the vehicle has stopped.

If the kids have the right parachute nets, the plane will automatically come to a stop and the children can jump off without having to worry about falling into water.

If it does happen to be a vehicle that is too large for the children to jump from, the child can also use the parachute as a parachute and jump to safety while the plane lands.

The company is selling the parachute for $499.99, and it has already sold out.

The product is currently available for preorder on the AirBnnB website.

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