Why are people writing ‘Cake’ in the sky?


The Irish paper The Irish Sun has published an article suggesting that Irish-Americans are writing a “Cake” in the skies.

It comes after a “paper airplane” was used to mark the launch of the new Apple iPhone 7.

The article, titled “Apple iPhone 7: What’s in it for us?”, said that “the new iPhones were designed with the Irish in mind and Apple has been a great supporter of Irish culture and the people who make it happen.

The design team also looks to have been inspired by the design of the Irish paper, the Sun said.”

The paper said it had been made in Cork and was “built to the highest standards in Ireland”.

It added that Apple had also made the new iPhones available for Irish customers to purchase through Apple stores, rather than through carriers.

It said the company was “confident” that “customers will be able to get the best price and value for their money”.

The article also suggested that Apple’s iPhone 7 was an homage to the original “Cafe Apple”, the first cafe in Ireland, which opened in Cork in 1893.

The Irish-American community has made a concerted effort to promote the new iPhone and Apple’s iPad in recent years, with the company even opening its first Apple Store in the US in 2015.

The first “Caffeine Apple” was opened in New York City in 1995.

The store, named “Café Apple”, is located in the former Café de la Concorde in Midtown Manhattan, in the city’s Financial District.

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