Italy’s first commercial plane to fly over sea – Il Giornale


The first commercial jet to fly from the island of Sardinia into the Atlantic, the Il Giornsale, was delivered to the port of Porto Alegre today, the Italian media said.

The flight was carried out by the private company Cairncross Aviation, which has a licence to fly under the Civil Aviation Authority.

The company is owned by Italian tycoon Marco Giorgi, who owns the Cairns-based Cairngorms airline.

The aircraft was flown to Porto for the delivery, which was confirmed by the Civil Aircraft Authority.

It will arrive in Italy by sea tomorrow.

The flight was made possible thanks to the support of the Italian and French governments, as well as the help of Italian defence companies.

“The delivery is a testament to the government’s determination to help develop a new industry, and to the commitment of all partners and citizens to create an exciting new future for Sardinia,” said the Minister of Transport, Francesco Guerrini.

The Cairnross flight will bring together Italy’s two biggest aviation companies, which together make up the majority of its national economy.

Cairncrow, which employs 1,200 people in Sardinia, was founded in 1989 and is the world’s third largest commercial aviation company, with operations in Spain, Portugal and Ireland.

The company operates two planes, the C8 and C7, which carry more than 4,000 passengers each.

Its most recent plane, the A3, is capable of flying up to 60,000 nautical miles, and is expected to be delivered to customers by the end of this year.

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