Which airline pilots are you?

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With the advent of digital travel, the FAA has created an entirely new category of pilot to guide people who want to fly with electronic devices, like smart phones and tablets.

These pilots have to pass a physical fitness test and take a special certification exam to get their certificates.

The FAA has put out some training materials for pilots to help them learn the rules, but it’s not always clear who is really up to the job.

The FAA says it is looking for people who are “fit, confident and willing to work in an aircraft.”

It’s not clear who that means, since many airlines require pilots to take physical tests, but that doesn’t always guarantee they’ll pass.

Here are some of the pilots the FAA is targeting with the new certification exam:One pilot who passed the physical test is Eric Miller, a 51-year-old pilot from North Dakota who is a former pilot with the Alaska Airlines, which has an online certification program for pilots.

Miller told Fox Sports that he would have passed if he were the only pilot on the plane.

He’s one of the lucky ones who got the training.

He said that he has the certification, but the FAA says he’s not qualified.

Miller said he has to take the physical tests to become certified.

“The FAA is really, really looking for good people to fly airplanes, and I’m one of them,” Miller said.

“I don’t want to be a bad pilot.

I want to do it right.

So if I can get it done and get it right, then that’s great.”

Another pilot who has been flying with a smart phone for years said he is “100 percent” qualified for the new exam.

He told Fox that he’s been flying for nearly 30 years.

He has never taken a physical test.

“I’m a good pilot, and my background is that I’ve been in the air for 30 years and I’ve never taken any tests, period,” he said.

The pilot added that he doesn’t have any financial incentive to pass the physical exam, so he’s hoping that he can make it through the physical requirements.

But the FAA isn’t looking for a lot of people with long-term flying experience, which is what makes Miller’s training so valuable.

The training is meant to help those who want a jumpstart in flying.

It also helps those who have been flying long-distance and are looking for something more than just the basic skill of flying.

“We want people who know how to fly, but want to get into the next level and want to go beyond just a flight simulator,” said Doug Ritter, FAA regional administrator for the Southwest region.

“This certification helps people get started in the world of commercial flying.”

The FAA says the physical training program will be available to those who are looking to fly “as a hobby, for personal use, or for the purpose of providing training to individuals who are training to fly.”

The certification is for pilots who are 18 or older.

They will need to pass at least one physical test before they can fly.

If they pass that test, they will be eligible to fly.

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