Obama says ‘it’s not over’ for climate change

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A former president has offered a stark message to the climate change deniers: It’s not going to be over.

Speaking with MSNBC on Friday, President Barack Obama said that the United States still has a role to play.

In his first public remarks since his first inauguration, the president urged Republicans to focus on the economy and not the environment.

But he said the country must also embrace the changes the world has been seeing, particularly the “climate change.”

In his remarks, Obama said he had a message for Republicans: It is not over.

Obama said he would “continue to stand up for the rights of every American” and promised to continue to fight for the future of the planet.

“It’s not the time for complacency,” he said.

Obama made the remarks during a campaign stop in North Carolina, the state with the nation’s highest number of deaths from air pollution, as well as the state that is the nations second-largest producer of coal.

The president made it clear that he is not ready to give up on climate change.

He said that in the future, he will be willing to “play ball” on the issue.

But the climate issue has been a central part of the presidential campaign.

Obama is expected to return to the White House on Saturday to deliver remarks about the country’s environmental legacy.