Apple and Nike have a partnership to create transparent airplanes


Apple has announced a new partnership with Nike to create a transparent airplane that is both affordable and comfortable.

The new partnership, first reported by Bloomberg, will allow users to choose from eight different models, including the popular Avion and Avion X, that can be configured to seamlessly blend into their home environment.

Users can also select the size of the plane they want to use.

The Avion, the smallest model available, will be available in six colors and come in sizes from $1,000 to $1.5 million.

The Avion Z, the most expensive, will come in a variety of colors and will cost $1 million.

The Nike collaboration comes just a month after Nike and Apple announced the launch of a new line of shoes that will offer an “airplane-like look” and will be “inspired by the latest innovation in technology.”

Apple is expected to begin shipping the new Avion model next month, but the company is also expected to release more transparent airplanes in the coming months.

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