A new airplane is on the market with an insane price tag

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The Air France A380 is on sale for $1,500,000 and is already being used by passengers and crew.

The plane was designed to carry the world’s most expensive passenger and crew, according to Air France, but it was also built to fly at speeds up to 3,200mph.

The A380 was built to the latest standards, with a carbon fiber fuselage and carbon fiber wings that can withstand a 1,000mph (1,900kmh) takeoff and landing.

But the A380 has a lot of fans.

It is the world record holder for the highest take-off and landing speed, and it has been used for nearly 200 years.

And it’s one of the fastest airplanes ever built.

It’s not a very good airplane.

It’s got the same wing as a Boeing 737 and a wing loading of around 20,000lbs, according a report in Aviation Week.

It has the same nose gear as a 747.

It was originally designed for the Air France business jet, but has been upgraded to fly the 737 MAX.

But it’s not the only high-end plane that people are buying for the record-breaking price tag.

Another plane on the list is the 777X.

The 777X is being offered for $2,000,000.

And there are plenty of other planes on the chart as well.

Read more about Air France and planes:Air FranceA380 is being sold at $1.5 billionA plane that is built for the super richAir France has been selling the world-record-breaking A380 for over two decades at a price tag of $1 billion, and that price tag will likely go up if the company keeps building the plane.

It started selling the plane back in 2000, but since then the price has climbed from $3.2 billion to more than $4 billion.

The A380’s predecessor, the A340, was built for less than $2 million.

The most expensive plane ever built, the 747, went for $4.5 million in 2005.