How to Paint Lego airplanes in Photoshop using a Legos Color Pack

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In a recent article in Wired, Lego fans have been talking about the new Lego color packs.

The color packs, which have been around for years, were released a few years ago and were meant to allow Lego fans to customize their sets.

But as with most color packs on the market, there’s a lot of confusion around them.

The most common confusion is that they are actually Photoshop plugins, which are just Photoshop plug-ins that let you modify the color schemes of your LEGO sets.

You can use them to color your sets or add new color schemes, but the only way to actually color your set is to install a Color Pack plugin on your computer.

And while the color packs are a great way to color Lego sets, it’s important to understand that they aren’t necessarily Photoshop plugins.

In fact, they arenít Photoshop plugins at all.

They are color plug-in files that allow you to change the colors of your Lego sets.

The colors you choose are what make your sets stand out from the rest of the Lego set, and itís not as simple as plugging in a color to your Lego set and painting it.

In this article, we’ll walk through how to color the Lego airplanes using a Color Picker plug-out, so that you can get the color of the airplane you want.

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