A plane engine faked out in a bathroom


A plane powered by a jet engine has been found in a toilet at an airport in the UK, according to a British tabloid.

The article says that the plane, a Cessna 208, was flying from Heathrow to Manchester when it crashed in a canal.

The story comes just a week after a plane crashed in Wales in a similar fashion.

Heathrow Airport confirmed the plane was a Cressna 208 but did not give any details.

The plane’s owner, Michael Green, told the Daily Telegraph that he had bought it from the United Kingdom and that it had been flying for about a year.

He said that he and his wife were the only people on board when the plane crashed, adding that the engine “made no noise.”

Heathrow spokesman David Johnson told the newspaper that “it’s been confirmed that the Cessnac 208 was a registered passenger plane, and that no one on board was injured.”

He added that the airport has “zero tolerance” for such incidents.

Heathroys spokesperson said that the aircraft had “never had any issues.”

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence told The Associated Press that the government was investigating the incident.

The Ministry of Defense said it was “investigating reports of a plane engine being fished out of a toilet” in Manchester, according the Associated Press.

Heathropay reported that the “scuba diving operator” who bought the plane said he found a “small hole in the toilet bowl” after inspecting the engine.

“I’m very glad to report that we have found a small hole in a hole in my toilet bowl,” he said.

The report also stated that the owner of the plane did not have any insurance and that he did not know the engine was fake.

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