How to build your own crash-test dummy


I want to be a plane pilot.

I want a crash-tests dummy that I can show my friends and family about how much I care about them.

But I don’t want one that’s just sitting there in the cockpit.

So I’m building a crash test dummy for myself that I want everyone to see.

It’s a small, low-profile box with an engine mounted in the top and a parachute attached to the side.

It’ll sit inside the cockpit of a Cessna 172 airplane, and then I’ll take a couple of my friends to take it out for a spin.

This is what happens.

The pilot will land the plane, and it’ll explode in a fireball that covers the sky.

They’ll be back at the control center, and the parachute will deploy, and we’ll all get out of there safely.

I wanted a dummy that would show people how much they care.

So my first impulse was to make it as small as possible, to make sure it would take off without any trouble, and I didn’t want to make a large one that would make a mess when I took it out.

Then I got an idea: Why not make it so small that it can’t fly without the pilot being there to pilot it?

So I made it small enough that I could put it in the backseat of my Cessnas, and now I’m thinking of making it so I can put it inside a plane.

And I was thinking of using parachutes, so I built one for myself.

It weighs only about one kilogram, and if you want to take a ride on one of my airplanes, I can make a parachute out of the plane itself.

I’m trying to build a plane that can’t be killed by a plane crash.

But my plane is in very good shape, and my parachute works, so what can I do?

I have to build an engine for it, and this is where I came up with the idea to build the parachute from the inside out.

So, when I put it together, it’s really small, but it has a lot of strength.

And it’s actually pretty sturdy, because the pilot has to pull it out of his backseat before it explodes.

So when the plane is put in the airplane, the pilot can pull the parachute out to fly away from the crash.

It can’t go anywhere else.

The parachute is about the size of a small bottle, so the pilot’s neck and hands are safe.

I can get it to land safely without the plane’s pilot there, too.

I just need to attach it to the airplane and put it on the ground.

I put a small metal ring on the top of the parachute, and with a little twist, it can be removed from the plane.

Then, I just have to lift it out and put a parachute on it.

And once the parachute is attached, I’m ready to go.

The engine and the parachutes are attached, and they’re ready to fly.

I need a pilot to fly the plane to a nearby airport, and after about a half hour, I’ll be ready to take the dummy to the test site.

After I get it home, I make a video of it doing a crash course on how to take off from the ground, so everyone can see how it works.

So how do I do this?

Well, you have to put the plane into the plane at the test point, and a pilot will be there to take care of it.

You have to make all of the necessary modifications to the plane for the test.

And then the plane will go out and fly to a designated area, and you’ll have to stand on the plane and put the parachute on.

The pilots will fly the airplane to a specific location, and once they’re done, you can take off.

So it’s pretty straightforward.

But if I’m a little nervous, I might want to build it so it’s a little heavier, so that I won’t blow up the plane on impact.

And of course, the plane has to have a good pilot onboard, so there’s a bit of a risk of it getting destroyed by the plane if it crashes, but I’ll probably be okay.

That’s how I did it.