Roger Federer ‘could have won his fifth Wimbledon title’


Roger Federers hopes to win his fifth consecutive Wimbledon singles title, beating Robin Hood in a fifth straight tie-break.

The Swiss-born No. 2 is in a two-match tie with world No. 1 Roger Fed, who has been defeated in the last three finals. 

Federer’s win in the fifth straight final at Wimbledon means he is now three points clear of Federer’s record of three sets, two wins and one draw from the previous 17 finals.

“I feel very happy.

This is an amazing feeling,” said Federer, who lost the third set 6-6, 6-5 in the third game of the final.

“It was very hard to play tennis.

The game was not easy.

It was a very difficult game.

I’m very happy to get the fifth Wimsey.” 

Federers’ Wimbledon hopes have been boosted by the return of his friend and former Wimbledon champion, Robin Hood. 

The 34-year-old Swiss was injured in the opening game of Sunday’s final, but returned for the second set. 

“I hope Robin will have the chance to win a fifth Wimsy, he is one of the greatest tennis players ever,” said Robin. 

Robin was in the crowd in his home country of France at the time of the crash.

“The world is in shock.

I know the pain.

It is not easy to play this sport,” he said. 

In the third match, Federer is facing former world No 1 Andy Murray, who is out with a broken left hand. 

But Federer was up to the task, taking down the No. 5 ranked Murray. 

“[He] is one who is known for his consistency.

He was the last one to beat Andy in the semi-finals, so he is very good at this level.

He’s very sharp and I can’t say he will beat him,” said Murray, now No. 4. 

Murray is also in the final in his second Grand Slam title after taking the first by beating Roger in 2009. 

However, Murray’s career has been blighted by injury and illness, and his last two matches have been postponed to give him a breather. 

After losing the first match of the fifth tie-breaker, Federers will face No. 8 Andy Murray at 4pm (AEDT) on Tuesday. 

Despite the delay, the Swiss has been making waves since his return to court. 

He is ranked No. 9 in the world, behind No. 3 Andy Murray.

“There are lots of reasons why he should win the fifth,” said Roger Fed.

“He’s a great player and he has a great coach, and he’s been through a lot of tough times.

He has the quality to do well. 

This is a fantastic opportunity for Robin to be able to win the final.” 

Murray has also returned from his latest bout of illness. 

Last week, Murray, 24, suffered a ruptured pectoral muscle during a training session. 

On Tuesday, Federederer will be hoping to make a positive start to his quest for a fifth grand slam title. 

His chances of winning his sixth Wimbledon, though, are not good. 

With Robin Hood, he will face a man who has a record of seven Grand Slams. 

If Federer can defeat Robin, he would become just the fifth player to win Wimbledon four times. (AFP)

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