What’s new on the iPhone 9 rumor mill?

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A few days ago, we reported on a rumor from China that Apple was working on a new smartphone that would feature a thin iPhone 6s design, similar to the iPhone 6.

The rumor went on to be confirmed by a user on Weibo, who claimed to have seen a prototype of the phone that looked similar to Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus.

Apple’s iPhone has always been a bit of a strange beast, and while there are some elements of its design that have changed over the years, the iPhone has never been a perfect smartphone.

The iPhone has been a very good device at selling the same features and quality of the iPhone, but it has never delivered a smartphone that truly made you want to use the phone for the first time.

It is not like other smartphones have made a conscious effort to keep users on their toes with the iPhone.

It’s hard to imagine a better example of this than Apple’s design, which is not only very good for a device with an average-sized screen, but also for a phone that has a large, flat OLED display.

The iPhone has also never been an amazing smartphone.

While the iPhone 5s was an amazing phone, it was also incredibly limited in the kinds of features that were available to it.

Apple’s iPhones were very limited in terms of features like the headphone jack, the ability to connect to multiple Apple TVs at once, and other features that would have made it one of the best phones on the market.

In the past year, the Apple Watch has been upgraded to a very large-screen device that will be available with a variety of new features, including Apple Pay, but none of them were enough to truly satisfy a vast number of people.

Apple has always offered a variety the users that have bought an iPhone, and it has always tried to make its phones a bit better than its competitors.

But the iPhone isn’t the best smartphone on the planet.

The latest rumor from Weibo claims that Apple is working on something that would allow the iPhone to be a truly affordable smartphone.

This rumor comes from a user named “Kang” and it is based on information from Chinese internet forum Xiaomi.

The rumor is based largely on the same source that broke the rumors about the iPhone 8, which was a device that was rumored to be based on a smaller version of the current iPhone, the current iPad Pro.

However, the device was not going to be called an iPhone 8.

Instead, the rumor said that the device would be called a “mini iPhone” and that it would feature an all-new design.

The name is “mini,” but the design of the device is “all new,” as it would be a smaller, thinner iPhone that would be slightly thinner than the current iPhones.

According to the user, Kang was shown a prototype device that looked a lot like the current device, but had a slightly different look.

It was also thinner than all the other devices currently on the Apple store, which are currently the iPhone 7 Plus, the iPad Pro, and the Apple TV.

Kang’s report is consistent with what we have heard from other sources that claim to have received information from a source close to Apple.

We already know that the rumored iPhone 8 will have a curved OLED display and that Apple has been working on making the iPhone even thinner than it is now, so it’s possible that Kang is telling the truth.

We’ve heard rumors of Apple developing its own flexible OLED display for the iPhone X, so perhaps this is an indication that Apple will eventually be releasing a flexible OLED screen for the next iPhone.

AppleInsider has reached out to Apple for comment.

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