How to tell if a plane has been hijacked

In the days following the crash of the Italianwings plane, the news was dominated by the horrific scenes of bodies on the tarmac and in the cockpit.A man, who was on a plane from Barcelona to Paris, was killed and another was seriously injured in the crash.A third passenger, the captain, was shot in the

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How to Play: Airplane Song with Walter ‘Roger’ Ross

A cast of characters from the hit TV show Planes, including the cast and crew, take the stage in this trailer for the show’s second season.The show premiered last November on ABC, and is now in its sixth season on Showtime.The second season was filmed in Los Angeles, with cast members including Ryan Murphy, Amy

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Why I prefer to watch airplane landing videos over YouTube

Airplanes don’t land.They land, often with spectacular grace and precision, in ways that make a lot of people feel like they’re in a movie or something.This is the result of an evolutionary process that has been going on for thousands of years.It has evolved because of the sheer number of flight maneuvers that occur on