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Man caught on camera performing sex act on plane

An Indian man who was caught on video performing a sex act while taking off an Airbus jet was fined $5,000 and suspended from flying for three months, the Transport Ministry said on Wednesday.According to a statement by the ministry, the incident occurred in the early hours of Monday, when a passenger was flying to

How to tell if a plane has been hijacked

In the days following the crash of the Italianwings plane, the news was dominated by the horrific scenes of bodies on the tarmac and in the cockpit.A man, who was on a plane from Barcelona to Paris, was killed and another was seriously injured in the crash.A third passenger, the captain, was shot in the

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What is a crescent? –

The Italian Football Association has issued a clarification on the official logo for the upcoming season, which is set to start on February 14.The club’s logo was unveiled in August 2018.“The crescent is a traditional symbol of Italy, as it was the flag of the Republic of Italy from the 14th century,” the official statement